Olga Kogut

KogutDate of Birth 29.11.1984

Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics

Research Laboratory for Nonlinear Analysis of Differential-Operator Systems (NADOS Lab)

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2001-2006 - student of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Dniepropetrovsk Ntional University (specialty - «probability theory and mathematical statistics»);

2006-2009 – PhD student of Institute for Applied System Analysis of National Technical University «Kyiv polytechnic institute» NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine (supervisor - correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Dr. Hab., Prof. V.S. Mel’nik);

2007-2010 – studying at Postgraduate Education Dnipropetrovsk State Finance Academy (specialty «Finance»);

29.10.2010 - defended PhD thesis «Qualitative analysis of one class of optimization problems for nonlinear elliptic systems» on the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics

Science activity

Research interests

Qualitative analysis of one class of optimal control problems in coefficients of the main part of nonlinear elliptic equations and variation inequalities.


Research articles

  • V. O. Kapustyan and O. P. Kogut On the Existence of Optimal Coefficient Controls for a Nonlinear Neumann Boundary Value Problem // Differential Equations, 2010, Vol. 46, No. 7, pp. 923–938.
  • C. D'Apice, U. De Maio, O.P. Kogut On Shape Stability Of Dirichlet Optimal Control Problems In Coefficients For Nonlinear Elliptic Equations // Advances in Differential Equations. – 2010. – Vol. 15, №7-8. – P. 689-720.
  • V. O. Kapustyan, P. O. Kas’yanov and O. P. Kohut On the solvability of one class of parameterized operator inclusions // Ukrainian Mathematical Journal. – 2008. - Volume 60, Number 12. – P. 1901-1914
  • Kasyanov P.O., Kapustyan V.O., Kogut O.P. Properties of solutions for a class of parametrized operator inclusions // Naukovi Visti NTUU «KPI». – 2008. – №5. – P. 129-136.


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